Kristen Bell Has a Genius Way to Get Kids to Wear Their Sunscreen

posted: 05/03/16
by: Mara Betsch

Kristen Bell is one of our favorite funny moms (have you seen her cover of "Africa?"). But she does take the health of her children very seriously, which is why she agreed to be the face of Neutrogena's Choose Skin Health campaign. It's up to parents to keep kids' skin protected, which most moms and dads know, but it's not always easy to get little ones to sit still long enough for you to apply it properly. And just one or two sunburns can greatly increase a child's risk of skin cancer. Thankfully, Bell has a great hack:

She tells People "I keep the sunscreen up on a high shelf so it seems like it's forbidden. I pull the bottle out and I'll start applying it to myself, and immediately they're interested. They think they're getting away with something. I make it a forbidden activity, and then I go, 'Yes, you can spray it, you can spray mommy's arms,' and then they want to do it."

Pretty smart, right? Kids always want what they can't have! This idea, combined with these other sunscreen games and tricks, should make it much easier for you to keep your kids sunburn-free this summer.