Kids Spring Style: 5 Music-Inspired Looks

posted: 05/02/18
by: Katie Morton

Children's fashion is anything but boring these days. Gone are the days when we automatically dressed our young ones in uniforms of rainbow-bright clothing--not that there's anything wrong with that! We still love bright colors for kids and adults alike.

But if you're looking for variety, you can find and enjoy grown-up fashion elements in kids' sizes. And we aren't talking about overdressing kids. Adult style has morphed into cool and casual, and kids' looks are catching up to that norm.

Music and adult fashion have long gone hand-in-hand. Why should kids' styles be any different? Here are 5 looks we love for kids this spring that have musical underpinnings.

1. Old School Track Suit

We're in love with this little Adidas track suit and sneaker set. In 1986, Run DMC released the track called "My Adidas" and more than 30 years later, this iconic sneaker and track suit is still in style. This cool and comfortable classic will take your child from the classroom to afterschool activities without a wardrobe change.

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2. Yellow Bey

For something a little more fashion forward, copy Beyonc? in all her Queen Bey glory. This adorable jacket, shorts, and glitter-boots outfit is sure to please...at any age, really. The bedazzled embellishments on the jacket make the look. Who are we kidding: the whole look--from the boots up--is perfection.

3. Lederhosen

And now for something completely different. The movie The Sound of Music featured the von Trapp family of singers clad in muted green lederhosen. The look lives on in this boyish blue outfit with lederhosen and knee socks.

The matching blue shoes, plus embroidery both on the lederhosen straps and the collar of the white shirt aren't only adorable but show some serious attention to detail.

4. Rock-n-Roller

Check out this little rock-n-roll icon! The legendary Rolling Stones logo graces this black tee in a distressed style, a look that's impossible to come by naturally through washing, since kids grow out of clothes so fast. That said, we'd enjoy this outfit while it lasts. The jeans, boots, and jacket round out the the coolness factor.

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5. Chill Ballerina

After rapping, singing, and rock-n-rolling, we could use a look that's a little more chill. Pump up the classical music and twirl with your little one in muted shades of pink tulle. Also, check out the unicorn slippers on this little cutie.

We dare say, we're feeling inspired to update our own wardrobes with some musically-inspired touches. Why should kids have all the fun?