Kids Have the Same Energy and Endurance as Pro Athletes, Study Says

posted: 05/03/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Six pre-teen friends running in a park, front view, close up


If chasing after your kids has you exhausted, there's a good reason you are so tired but your kids just keep going. In fact, you'd have a better chance catching up with Michael Phelps or Serena Williams because scientist believe kids have the same energy level as professional athletes

According to a new study, kids have energy levels that rival professional athletes' endurance levels. So basically, it's virtually impossible for the average parent to keep up with their kids. Don't feel so bad if you have to yell "slow down" or "let's take a break" because even though you are ready for a nap, your kids really can keep going and going.

Even if you think the answer to tiring out your kids is letting them run until they fall asleep, we've got bad news. Researchers found that just like pro athletes, kids have amazing recovery time.

"We found the children used more of their aerobic metabolism and were therefore less tired during the high-intensity physical activities," said Sebastien Ratel, Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology who led the study. "They also recovered very quickly - even faster than the well-trained adult endurance athletes - as demonstrated by their faster heart-rate recovery and ability to remove blood lactate."

For the study, researchers looked at children between the ages of 9 and 12, adults that were not athletes, and adult male endurance athletes who were national-level triathlon competitors or long-distance runners and cyclists. After putting all of the groups through various levels of endurance training, what they found was kids and pro-athletes out performed regular adults.

Researchers also found that children not only have fatigue-resistant muscles, but they also recover very quickly from high-intensity exercise --even faster than the adult endurance athletes. So when you say "My kid is never tired," this is why!

Researchers hope this study will help parents understand the level of exercise children need as well as helping schools to better understand the types of physical activity children should receive each day. If you find yourself running around with your kids are you are exhausted but your kids are not, feel free to play cheerleader and let them do a few laps around the playground while you hold their water bottles.