Kids are Getting Injured from Trying the “Salt and Ice Challenge”: Here’s What You Need to Know

posted: 01/31/17
by: Amanda Mushro
salt ice challenge
Scary Mommy

While some social media challenges give us hours of entertainment--mannequin challenge anyone--one social media challenge that is regaining popularity is actually sending some kids to the ER for second degree burns.

The "salt and ice" challenge, which has resurfaced after brief stints of popularity on the internet, seems to be gaining momentum and leaving kids with painful burns. The challenge calls for kids to place salt and ice together on their skin and to post the results on their social media. That's right, you can't get your teen to wear a coat outside when it's cold, but now they are freezing and burning their arms with ice. Crazy, right?

Since salt lowers the temperature of ice, the effects on skin can be similar to frostbite. While we love a good science project, we don't love one on our kid's arms. Because the salt helps the ice reach temperatures as low as one degree Fahrenheit, the skin begins to turn red and numb. Teens and kids often don't realize they are giving themselves painful welts or potential second-degree burns.

While crazy social media challenges come and go, experts agree, talk to your kids about the dangers before they try these challenges. The salt and ice challenge may lose popularity soon but will probably be replaced by something just as insane.