Kate Plus 8 (teenagers!) Returns

posted: 06/15/17
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Gosselins’ Glamping 13th Birthday

Kate and the kids are back... but they're not exactly kids anymore! Check back in with the Gosselins on Monday, July 10th at 10/9c to kick off a special three-episode run of Kate Plus 8.

It all starts with a spooky Halloween spectacular, where the family attempts to convert the old family barn into a haunted house. Everyone gets their creative juices pumping with some handmade costumes and seriously scary decor. Then, Kate faces her lifelong fear of skiing when the family jets to Vermont for an action-packed Spring Break. When one kid takes a tumble and there's an unfortunate trip to the hospital, Kate's fears are only intensified.

Finally, we get to see the sextuplets celebrate their 13th birthday with a "glamping" and camping extravaganza! It's hard for Kate, and let's be honest -- also us, to not take a trip down memory lane during this huge milestone.

Catch up before the big premiere with full episodes of Kate Plus 8 on TLC GO!

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