Kate Middleton’s Secret Style Weapon

posted: 07/17/15
by: Courtney Reimer
Kate Middleton pushing a stroller in heels
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

As any mom of young children can tell you, being fashionable while juggling little ones and their various accoutrements can be more than a little challenging. And while many of us can only dream of having the poise and style of Kate Middleton, we can at least look to her for inspiration.

Perhaps you've noticed that the duchess has of late been photographed gracefully pushing a stroller (or "pram" in the British parlance) while perched on delicate high-heeled shoes. Her secret weapon: slip-in, inner-sole inserts that make balancing on stilettos for hours a little less painful.

According to Vanity Fair, Kate has taken a special liking to Alice Bow insoles, which can fit any shoe. A source told the magazine that the reason we're seeing Kate in heels more often is because the Queen isn't a fan of the wedges that Kate had previously, famously been photographed wearing several times. "She really doesn't like them and it's well known among the women in the family," the source said of the Queen's shoe preferences.

If these secret style weapons sound like something you like, you'd better hurry: the royals have a way of selling out foot gear.

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