Kate Middleton Reveals Her Skincare Secret

posted: 06/26/17
by: Kristine Boyd
kate Middleton
Marie Claire

Kate Middleton is always looking absolutely stunning! We love her fashion, her hair and her makeup. But can we talk about her flawless skin? No matter what picture of Kate you look at, she always has a healthy glow. We have all been wanting to know what she does to get her skin looking so fresh. The wait is over! Kate was seen slathering rose hip oil on her skin one afternoon. This got people questioning what this oil was and if they should be using it too. A source told US Weekly that, "Kate continues to use rosehip oil in her daily skincare regiment. She loves the effect is has on her skin. Her mother, Carole Middleton, is also a fan."

You might be wondering, what exactly is rosehip oil? Rosehip oil comes from the seeds of rose plants. The oil that is extracted is high in vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other amazing ingredients for your skin. The oil helps drastically correct dark spots, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and help hydrate dry skin leaving a rejuvenated look to the skin. Other celebrities such as, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr, also swear by adding rosehip oil to your skincare regimen.

The best part about this oil is that it is all natural. You won't be putting any harsh, irritating chemicals on your face. That is why this product is great for those with sensitive skin. If you're thinking this oil is going to cost you a fortune, you're wrong. Depending on where you shop, most rosehip oils range from $8-$35. We definitely recommend giving it a try!


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