Kate Middleton Gets Rudely “Bump Shamed” on Social Media

posted: 11/03/17
by: Kristine Boyd

People were saying that Kate "wasn't pregnant enough" and that she didn't even look pregnant to begin with. Twitter and Instagram commenters made claims that she didn't have the body to properly grow a baby because she looked anorexic and malnourished. One Twitter commenter said, "Kate Middleton & I both have a baby bump. Mine is from tacos."

To a mom who is desperately trying to grow a beautiful baby, comments like these are extremely hurtful. It is hard enough to be a pregnant woman, let alone in the public eye. Kate already has hormones running rapid, the stress of parenthood and the pressure of being in the media. Now, she has cyber-bullies attacking her for the size of her baby bump. Everyone's pregnancy is different and baby bumps vary from person to person! Kate is a healthy mom is doing her best. Let's stop bump shaming and start supporting fellow women in their journey!