Just in Time for Summer Fanny Pack Slides- Awesome or Ridiculous?

posted: 06/11/18
by: Amanda Mushro

Is it possible that the fanny pack--a fashion accessory that is beloved by some and ridiculed by others, is now part of the hottest summer fashion trend? Maybe or maybe we are just a little too excited about having a handy pouch to hold our lip gloss.

Think about all the times you've been out enjoying the hot summer weather and thought "I wish I didn't have to carry this purse." Now you can ditch your bag and keep all of your valuables in your shoes. Take a look at the Benassi fanny pack slides by Nike and tell us this isn't the type of shoe that summer fashion has simply been missing. What a time to be alive.

The slides have a zippered pouch on top and are made in three different color combinations. So no need to worry, fashionistas because you'll be able to match these snazzy shoes to whatever clothes you rock this summer.

Just imagine all the things you can fit inside that little zippered pouch--money, your ID, a pack of gum, maybe some snacks. Although keeping snacks in your shoes might be taking it a little too far, much like cargo shorts, these fancy slides are fashionable and practical. It's like you are wearing a pair of multi-tasking shoes.

According to the Nike website, the shoes should be available soon--just in time for your summer trips to the pool and beach. However, no price has been released.

All kidding aside, we want to know what you think of the fanny pack slides. Tell us in the comments. Are these shoes a fashion must or a fashion must not.