Joseph Duggar is courting! Meet his special someone!

posted: 03/08/17
by: TLCme

Joseph Duggar is courting!

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In this exclusive interview, Joseph Duggar shares that he is officially courting Kendra Caldwell.

Big news! Another Duggar is courting. Joseph Duggar of TLC's Counting On is courting family friend, Kendra Caldwell. They actually met while Joseph was visiting the family of Joy Duggar's fiance, Austin Forsyth.

Joseph asked Kendra to court on March 7, 2017. He chose a sentimental spot in a field near the house where he was born to pop the question. Joseph made it extra special by giving Kendra a promise ring to show his commitment to their new relationship. Check out the exclusive interview above with the couple after Kendra accepted.

Best wishes to these two! We're excited to see their relationship grow! Get more Counting On by watching full episodes here on TLC GO.

Joseph and Kendra are courting!
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Joseph and Kendra are officially courting!