Jorge and Anfisa’s Journey So Far

posted: 06/20/17
by: Emily Livermore
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Jorge and Anfisa's Casting Tape

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After premieres on June 25th, but why wait? Enjoy early premiere access right now on TLC GO! While you're there, be sure to catch up on Jorge and Anfisa: Our Journey So Far.

Their relationship has been notoriously volatile, and full of total O-M-G moments. Here are some of the craziest moments from the very beginning of their story.

Every relationship starts somewhere...

And Jorge and Anfisa's relationship began online--Jorge messaged Anfisa (a lot) until she finally responded. Once they started chatting, they really hit it off. After just 4 months of messaging they decided to travel the world together. The trip convinced Jorge he was ready to spend his life with Anfisa.

6500 Miles and a Chanel Bag

Jorge was prepared to fly 6500 miles to pick up Anfisa and bring her back to the States on a K-1 Fiance visa. With his ticket in hand, everything seemed to be in place...until Anfisa decided the only thing that mattered to her was a $10,000 Chanel bag. Jorge wasn't in a position to buy it, and Anfisa did not take the rejection well. She cancelled his plane ticket, changed his email password, and erased his phone. Finally, after an entire week of icing him out, Anfisa surprised Jorge by announcing she would be arriving in the United States in one day's time.

Anfisa's Grand Arrival

Anfisa hit Los Angeles like a hurricane. Her expensive taste tested Jorge's patience, but her good looks made it hard for him to stay mad. With Anfisa's focus on material gifts and a modeling career, Jorge's sisters were immediately skeptical. Jorge didn't take their concerns very seriously, because he was busy setting up an apartment for he and Anfisa. Little did Anfisa know the delay in finding a place was because Jorge had a criminal background. When he finally opened up to her she was oddly okay with it...especially compared to the Chanel purse dilemma.

A Beverly Hills Wedding

Anfisa already had expensive taste, so when it came to her own wedding she demanded nothing less than perfection. This included the most expensive dress at a Beverly Hills boutique and a 5-carat diamond ring. Jorge quickly learned that boundaries would need to be drawn or he would be paying off wedding expenses for years to come.

Money Can't Buy Love?

After Jorge tells Anfisa that he will not buy a 45k wedding dress, their arguments grow more volatile. Jorge comes right out and asks Anfisa if she is only with him because of his money-- and she admits it's true! Though he is stunned, Anfisa argues that he is just as bad for only dating her for her looks. Despite hearing the brutal truth, Jorge decides he will just have to work harder to support Anfisa's lavish lifestyle.

The Drama Continues

Tension remains high between the couple. Anfisa kicks Jorge out of the apartment and even threatens to go back to Russia. These prove to be empty threats. In fact, their biggest fight starts because Anfisa won't stop contacting him. Jorge is in the process of closing a major business deal but Anfisa won't stop calling him. They hit a breaking point--Jorge is prepared to send Anfisa back to Russia, while Anfisa keys 'idiot' into Jorge's car door.

A Happy Ending (For Now)

The 90 days are almost up, and it seems like this couple has lost all expectations for marriage. Jorge takes Anfisa to the airport, but when they can't find a flight it ignites a glimmer of hope. Anfisa takes some time to cool down and approaches Jorge about having a real, adult conversation regarding their relationship. Jorge hesitantly agrees. Anfisa opens up to Jorge about the difficulty of starting a new life in the U.S., and promises him she will try to be more patient. Jorge is open to reconsidering their relationship, and his won over after Anfisa reassures him she would stay with him even if he lost everything. The couple finally commits to marriage with just days to spare. They get married in an emotional courthouse ceremony, and Jorge promises Anfisa a dream wedding after she gets her green card.

Anfisa's Limit
Months later, the couple sits down to be interviewed about their relationship and the major obstacles they faced leading up to marriage. As Anfisa re-watched the footage of their biggest fight, she decided she'd had enough. She stood up, pulled off her mic, and stormed off the stage. Anfisa and Jorge did not leave their drama at the altar. This couple's unique love story has had its ups and downs, but their marriage prevails.

You can watch Jorge and Anfisa: Our Journey So Far now on TLC GO. And remember to tune in for the next chapter of their story on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, premiering June 25th at 8/7c!
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