Jimmy Kimmel’s Pancake Skills are Amazing and His Wife is Not Happy About It

posted: 03/09/18
by: Amanda Mushro

Jimmy Kimmell keeps his audience entertained at night with his hilarious talk show, but in the morning, he keeps his family entertained with his crazy pancake skills. Well his daughter is entertained with his artistic pancakes, but his wife, not so much.

In a humorous article written for The Washington Post, Kimmell's wife Molly McNearney, explains how giving her toddler a simple bowl of cereal isn't an option anymore because Kimmell recently turned breakfast into an art show. He began breaking out squeeze bottles, organic food coloring and pancake batter to create fantastic meals that put his wife's lame bowl of cereal to shame. "Jimmy is an excellent cook. I do not take that for granted. He enjoys it, and I enjoy eating, and that makes for a happy home," Molly writes. "Until the pancakes showed up. And now I feel inadequate."

McNearney, who is the co-head writer for "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and mom of two, says what started as a few heart shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day has quickly escalated into a full on breakfast spectacle. "He makes art. With pancake batter. Like a lumberjack psychopath," she wrote in the essay.

As you can see, we are very excited about Cars 3

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From Spider Man, Dory, and even Thomas the Tank Engine, Kimmel's pancakes are impressive, and now I'm feeling like turning my kids' bacon into a smiley face isn't as original as I once thought.

Apparently when Kimmel is away, his wife really feels the pressure from her daughter. "And now his artistic ability has become my burden. When he isn't home, our daughter sits at the kitchen table, glares at me and says, "I want a pancake. Peppa Pig," she laments. "She doesn't even know that pancakes are round. I try to sell her on a bowl of oatmeal. I tell her its Wonder Woman food. She doesn't buy it." And like all three year olds that don't get their way "a tantrum follows."

Thomas pancakes are even better than their English muffins

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If pancake art isn't your jam but delicious pancakes for breakfast are-- get inspired by one of these delicious recipes.