Jessica Lowndes Pulls Off an Epic April Fools’ Day Prank a Few Days Early

posted: 03/28/16
by: Mara Betsch

It's not quite April Fools' Day, but "90210" actress Jessica Lowndes decided to prank us a few days early. This morning, news broke that she was engaged to Jon Lovitz, who is 58 years old and 31 years older than her. Through a string of Instagram photos, including one of a very shiny engagement ring, she had everyone thinking that the two were madly in love.

But not so fast -- just an hour ago, she posted a video asking if it was too early to celebrate April Fools' Day and then truned the camera to show a computer screen that was playing her new music video, which starred her and Lovitz.

Mystery solved! Tell us: Did you fall for her prank?