Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Are Having a Baby

posted: 02/22/17
by: TLCme
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Jeremy and Audrey Share What’s Next for their Family

Little People, Big World's Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are pregnant!

The married couple of a little over two years are overjoyed to bring a baby into the close-knit Roloff family. So close, in fact, that their baby will be four months apart from Zach and Tori's son!

It was actually at Zach, Jeremy's twin brother, and Tori's gender reveal on January 7th that Audrey had a feeling she may be pregnant too! She took a pregnancy test when she got home from the party, and it was positive!

When Jeremy and Audrey got over the initial shock of the pregnancy, the excitement began to set in.

"I was so surprised," Audrey told Us Weekly. "It didn't hit me until I heard the heartbeat at our first doctor's appointment."

Soon-to-be grandparents Matt and Amy Roloff couldn't believe they were getting another bundle of joy!

"My dad teared up and my mom screamed,"Jeremy told Us Weekly.

Audrey, who is due in September, is already fully embracing baby fever. She and hubby Jeremy are envisioning at least four babies to fill their home in Bend, Oregon.

The couple, who run a blog about making a successful marriage, don't know the gender of their first baby yet. However, they have an inkling of a suspicion -- a boy!

Stay tuned to TLCme to see if they're right, and head over to TLCgo to watch the love story that led the couple to this amazing moment!
Jeremy and Audrey are expecting
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