Jennifer Lawrence’s Advice For Young Women Negotiating Pay

posted: 10/14/15
by: Courtney Reimer
Jennifer Lawrence
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Jennifer Lawrence is angry about the Hollywood gender wage gap -- and she wants to help young women everywhere speak up for what they deserve.
Karwai Tang/WireImage

Jennifer Lawrence wants to do something about the gender wage gap. In a new essay for Lena Dunham's newsletter, Lenny Letter, the refreshingly frank J-Law lays down the law about the discrepancies between male and female pay for the same work.

Thanks to the hack of Sony that released tons of personal information about movies and the people who star in them, Jennifer Lawrence learned she was making a fair amount less than her male counterparts.

"I didn't get mad at Sony," she writes. "I got mad at myself. I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early. I didn't want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that, frankly, due to two franchises, I don't need."

She admits that her story isn't going to be relatable at first because of her wealth, but there's a message here for women of all income brackets. She wishes she hadn't let "wanting to be liked" and not wanting to seem "difficult" or "spoiled" get in the way of income equality.

"I don't think I'm the only woman with this issue. Are we socially conditioned to behave this way? We've only been able to vote for what, 90 years?" J Law asks. "Could there still be a lingering habit of trying to express our opinions in a certain way that doesn't 'offend' or 'scare' men?"

While there are certainly forces working against women on all fronts (not least being the tax on feminine products), and a lot of this is out of our direct control, but Jennifer is right: there are things we can do for ourselves and we might as well start there.