Jenna Dewan’s 10 Minute Everyday Makeup Look

posted: 04/23/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Jenna Dewan recently posted her 10-minute everyday makeup look to her YouTube Channel. This look takes practically no time at all and leaves you with an effortless, healthy glow. Jenna admits that she spends a lot of time on set, which means that her makeup is usually done professionally. However, when she is going about her everyday life, she likes to take a few minutes to throw on some of her favorite products.

Step 1: Concealer

Jenna starts her look by using a base concealer to cover up any marks or dark circles. She says that she loves to use her fingers to blend products because it always comes out looking more natural. She then goes over the outside of her face with a minimal amount of foundation just to even out the skin tone. Jenna finishes up her face with a concealer that is a few shades brighter than her natural skin tone. This really helps to brighten up the face and make you look more awake!


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Step 2: Simple Eye Makeup

Jenna likes to keep her eye look very simple with some shade on the eyelids and mascara. She starts off with a bronze lid tint. She loves this product because it gives her a, "dewy, smoky eye kind of look." Again, she likes to apply this with her fingers because it's fast, easy and blends the product in well. She finishes off the eye look by curling her eyelashes and applying mascara on her top and bottom lashes.

Step 3: Highlighting/Bronzing

Jenna loves to have a glowy complexation. Every day she uses a bronzer, blush and highlighting palate all over her face to give her face some color and glow. She puts an illuminator on her cheeks, top of the forehead and a little on her nose. Jenna follows that up by using a peachy pink blush that brightens up the skin instantly. She finishes the face off with a light dusting of bronzer to give her face a little faux tan.

Step 4: Lips

Jenna finishes off her entire face with a little touch of a tinted lip balm. This helps her lips stay moisturized while still giving her a little hint of color.


Step 5: Eyebrows

Jenna admits that eyebrows are her favorite part of doing her makeup. They really shape the face and can make all the difference in a makeup look. Jenna only uses a little bit of eyebrow pencil on the top of her brows and blends it out. This fills in her brows without it being too overboard.

We absolutely love this look! Jenna is always looking fresh and glowing and we are excited that we finally know all her beauty secrets. Click here to read about the newest spring makeup trend!