Jackson Roloff: Then and Now

posted: 06/03/17

Zach and Tori's son is less than a month old, but it feels like he's growing up so fast! Ever since he was born on May 12th, Little People, Big World's first grandson has captured everyone's hearts.

Recently, Zach and Tori introduced us to Jackson and explained that he has achondroplasia just like dad Zach. The couple knew there was about a 50 percent chance Jackson would be a little person, and they're ready to raise him with the same love and support Zach received growing up on Roloff Farms.

Take a look at what three-week-old baby boy looks like now!

... because it's never too early to start 'em off right. ??? #seattleseahawks #gohawks #isitfootballseasonyet?

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Meet Zach and Tori's Son!
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