Jackson and Ember Roloff Both Hit Major Milestones

posted: 01/17/18
by: TLCme

Our favorite members of the next generation of Little People, Big World had a big week! Tori and Zach's son Jackson turned 8-months-old and Audrey and Jeremy's daughter Ember turned 4-months-old!

At eight months, Jackson has 4 teeth, loves to eat, and is already saying "dada!" Look at Tori's adorable Instagram (and that amazing outfit on Jackson) with even more updates below!

... and somehow Jackson is 8 months old. This stage is hands down my favorite (so far). He's so happy and smiley all the time and I fall more in love with him every. Single. Day. Here's what we've been up to this month: Had our first Christmas (and all the fun that's comes with that)? We slept through our first New Years ? We can sit up on our own for like 20 seconds (or until we get distracted usually by our feet) ?? We have FOUR teeth ? We are crawling!!!! (Or scooting depending on how you look at it) ?? We're still sleeping like a professional ? We LOVE eating. ??? Jackson says "dada" on a regular basis but moms not counting it until he figures out what he's actually saying. ? We love you Baby J. You make our world brighter every day. ? Ps. You're new "squishy face" melts me daily. #zandtpartyofthree #babyjroloff

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Audrey also gave us an update on sweet Ember at four months. She's laughing and giggling a ton now, can sit up in her baby chair, and loves her knee-socks! A fashionista already! Check out Audrey's Instagram for more details below!

Our baby girlsie is 4 months old today. This stage is increasingly precious and full of wonder and joyous anticipation. I've fallen so in love with this little light of mine. Highlights from the past month include laughing and giggling, sitting up in her baby chair, a roadtrip to Bend to see all our old friends and church family, sleeping 7 hours at night, always telling stories, putting all the things in her mouth, and out growing most of her 3-6 month clothes ? With the rough beginning we had, I never thought I'd have a chunky baby... but look at those high-percentile rolls!? She loves her knee-socks, bath time, cuddling with mom and dad, SMILING (at literally anyone who gives her an ounce of attention), pulling hair, and sleeping in the car. I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows it! ? #emberjean

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