Is This the Rudest Birthday Wish List Ever?

posted: 04/21/15
by: Blythe Copeland

Kids' birthday present wish lists have come a long way from circling a few items in the toy catalog: Now even preschoolers can set up their own online wish list and load it up with every toy they could ever want. And while most parents would try to remind their little ones that it's the thought that counts, the couple behind this wildly high-maintenance gift list went the opposite direction.

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This letter, posted to Reddit as the "Most demanding 1st birthday invite ever", skips over all the niceties (it was even sent before the invitation!), asking the gift giver to purchase no more than two of the specified gifts, which include a play tent, tunnel, water table, and board book. It then goes on to request that all presents for any occasion in the future include a receipt so the parents can exchange the items for formula without "throwing away money".

We can understand the parents' attempt to stop both sets of grandparents from giving the same gift, or from showing up to the party with armfuls of toys and books that the birthday boy won't play with. And we have no problem with requesting a certain item you know your kid will love, or exchanging a gift for something more useful. But if you go about it in the rudest possible way, you can expect to see a lot fewer presents (and party guests) in the future.

Would you ever send a request like this to your party guests?