Is This Midnight-Colored Blush Your Perfect Color?

posted: 09/06/17
by: Blythe Copeland

Move over, traditional blush: This black version could be about to replace your favorite pink as your new go-to rouge. PopSugar tested Lipstick Queen's Black Lace Rabbit Blush, a creamy product that turns into a universally-flattering berry color on any skin tone.

Creator Poppy King told PopSugar that she was "inspired by the idea of black candlelight and how hauntingly beautiful that would be on the face, so I designed a very sheer black...and then added gold dust to it. Just like sheer black stockings, this looks good on all shapes, sizes, and skin types."

The natural blush color comes from the Red 21 dye incorporated into the product, which creates a pink or berry shade when applied. Layer applications for a richer color, or try it on your lips as reviewer Wendy Gould did; however you wear it, this sheer, shimmering color might just be your new obsession.

Story via: PopSugar

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