Is The ‘Wedgie Jean’ a Trend Worth Trying?

posted: 02/04/16
by: Courtney Reimer
picture of women in jeans

We've seen our fair share of eyebrow-raising denim trends in our day (we're looking at you, Britney and Justin), but the "wedgie jean" is one that made even us do a double-take.

The jeans, a Levi's creation, aren't quite as drastic as they sound, but rather ones that cling tightly to your backside while aiming to provide a little lift to the derriere. Clearly in on the joke, the denim-maker calls them "the cheekiest jean in your closet," adding that they're inspired by their vintage style.

Image courtesy Levi.com

The Levi's site goes on to explain that the denim "hugs your waist and hips, showcasing your best assets." So they seem to look pretty great, but how do they feel? One Buzzfeed reporter took on the task of test-driving them. She writes that "they looked pretty standard from the front: high-waisted and fitted through the legs with frayed bottoms," and that the back definitely delivered on their 'look at my butt' mission statement." Other than that, though, she described them as rather uncomfortable.

Over at InStyle, one editor said that due to their 100 percent cotton makeup, they don't have a ton of give and added "you don't want to wear these to Thanksgiving dinner." Another editor there said she was "pleasantly surprised" at how good her backside looked in a photo. Another, who confesses to having a "fairly nonesistent" butt said the jeans "made my assets look a bit more substantial."

Want to try for yourself? They're currently retailing for $128 in white and $158 in blue at Levi.com.