Is Meghan Markle a 90 Day Fiance?

posted: 12/12/17
by: Kate Meroski

Meghan Markle a 90 day fiance?! Not quite!

For starters, in the UK a fiance visa is good for six months...double the 90 days to wed in the U.S! As an American, she'll need to apply for a 180 day fiance visa and include evidence of her relationship. (No frauding here!)

Then, the couple will need to prove they have an annual income of at least 18,600 pounds or more (that's about $25,000 U.S. dollars) which we're guessing won't be a problem.

After the wedding (and even more paperwork), Meaghan must complete five years as the Spouse of a British Citizen before she can become a permanent citizen.

But hey, if you're marrying a prince, surely he can pull some strings!

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