Instagram Bans #Curvy, So Fans of Curvaceousness Find A New Hashtag

posted: 07/21/15
by: Courtney Reimer

Instagram has proven to be a great place for people to express themselves, and has been a boon to those looking for likeminded folks who share their same interests -- and typically people do that by sharing with a common hashtag.

Lovers of curvaceousness and celebrators of their own curvaceousness commonly used the #curvy hashtag on their photos, but when Instagram learned people were using it to share pornographic images in addition to body-positive posts, they shut that hashtag down. But the body-positive Instagram crowd isn't backing down, and they've come up with a great alternate hashtag: #curvee.

We're proud of the ladies who are proud to be their size who've found a way to keep celebrating their look! Below, a few of our favorite posts, as well as a great inspirational quote from @thechelseasmilex, who has been something of a leader in the #curvee movement on Instagram.

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