#InMySkinIWin Takes Over Instagram, Proves Our Differences Are Beautiful

posted: 09/15/15
by: Mara Betsch
shaun ross

Model Shaun Ross may rule the runway, but now he's positively owning Instagram. Though he was bullied growing up due to his skin condition, Ross broke barriers as the first male albino model. He's walked countless runways and even appeared in a Beyonce music video, but he understands that many young people are undergoing the same sort of harassment he experienced in his youth. When the mother of a child with albinism asked Ross to give her daughter some advice, he decided to do something bigger and better.

He started "In My Skin I Win," a movement "for anyone who has ever felt defeated by a negative social construct of what beauty actually should be. Beauty is you and what you make from your confidence in your own perfectly imperfect body. Together, if we encourage others to love what they see when they look at themselves, we can win in our skin." Since then, Instagram had lit up with pictures of people embracing their differences with #InMySkinIWin. Take a look at some of the most striking and inspiring photos below.

#Repost @kay_b_luv with @repostapp. ??? A lot of y'all been asking WHY "did shave your hair?" Well here's the reason why. Growing up I was always teased about the hook in the back of my head or my 5head in the front,& I let those words become a part of me. So when I was 17 I said to myself "you know what if don't nobody love you ,you better love you & even on your worst days you still killin it" so I decided that after I graduated high school I was going to cut my hair short. (Because that way I wouldn't have to deal with the extra teasing from other girls &the teacher I got bullied by.) I felt like in order for me to love my head shape I would need to put myself into a position to wear I would have no choice but to embrace it & fall in love.May 9 I cut my hair short and I was loving it I was really feeling myself but then I thought "yoooo you could do so much better your still hiding behind your crown. You better werrk that baldy don't be scared hontey?" so on sep.14 I asked myself "I wonder how I would look bald ?" Didn't ask no more questions after that I took them clippers and started cutting my hair before I let my fear get the best of me. I feel LIBERATED . I am not wearing my ? I AM my crown ? I faced a fear of mine and I over came a deep insecurity. I guess beautiful things do come out of your comfort zone "I am not fearless I just fear less " @mayasworld #iammorethan my hair #iammorethan my insecurity #iammorethan my fears . So ask me if I'm feelin myself cause baby ima say the hell I am!!! ? Bruh praise Yahweh for bravery and loving on me ????? #inmyskiniwin #melanin

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#mcm he is so handsome. Justin is a model from bronx, NY. #inmyskiniwin #albinism

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Beautiful and Unique ?? Embrace your true beauty. #albinism #beauty #unique #inmyskiniwin #avaclarke

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