Indoor Gardens That Will Brighten Up Your Home

posted: 08/03/18
by: Katie Morton

Many of us wish we had the time, space, and energy to till a plot of land outdoors and create a big, fabulous garden. With all of our competing priorities, it doesn't seem possible or advisable for the average plant lover to take on a large, outdoor garden.

The good news is you can always use less time, space, and energy to create a gorgeous little garden inside. Here are some inspirational and easy ideas for how you could fit a small indoor garden into your home and busy life.

Create a Shelf Garden


This shelf of cacti only requires a small space. It's a low maintenance yet beautiful garden idea for an apartment or small room. A healthy plant tip: if your plants need a lot of daylight, place them in a window facing north.

Wire Grid Wall Garden


This workspace garden hangs plants from wire brackets. Create an indoor jungle while maximizing available work space. This is a good example of choosing the right set-up for the right space.


For another twist on the indoor garden that's even easier to care for than most, consider a terrarium. Terrariums have their own set of needs for maintaining them. Martha Stewart notes some tips for creating small terrariums and keeping them alive. Terrariums require clear glass, and plants that thrive in high humidity and low light. The jar or bottle should allow enough room for the plants to grow.

Wine Bottle Terrarium


For an unexpected and beautiful shape, a wine bottle can be used to make a terrariums for a table, a shelf or window space.

Fishbowl Moss Terrarium


A single fishbowl makes an excellent terrarium centerpiece for a table. It is important not to over-water your terrarium. A fine mist of water vapor until the soil is damp is the right amount.

Herb Gardens

To keep any herbal flavors you need within reach while cooking, there's minimal space required to host a wide variety of herbs indoors. As an added bonus of keeping your herbs indoors, herb gardens are easy to care for, with no blazing sun or pesky bugs to contend with.

Bookshelf Herb Garden


For a library of herbs convenient to the kitchen, you can create an entire encyclopedia of flavors on a bookshelf.

Watercress Goblet


A goblet makes for a handy and attractive planter. Plant watercress within reach of the kitchen to add to your food stores.

Fairy Herb Garden


Create a fairy herb garden for a touch of fantasy. HGTV has some ideas for making a fairy garden in a container.

Mason Jar Herb Garden


Most varieties of herbs are easy to grow. Some herbs are more for fragrance than for cooking. A mix of both kinds makes an amazing small garden.

How Do You Get Started Making Your Own Indoor Garden?

Better Homes and Gardens has some great tips for a successful indoor garden. First and foremost is to know your plants--know how much light they need and where in your home is the best location for them.

You should not only analyze your available space, but the time you must devote to the care of your plants. If you are more of a hands-free person with a busy schedule, a cactus is an excellent choice. If you prefer to prune your garden and water almost daily, a dwarf papyrus might be better.

If you need a place to start, Housebeautiful lists 20 types of the best small plants for indoor gardens. A complete list of tips for beginners can be found at Reader's Digest.