Incredible Firefighter Groom Saves Guest at His Own Wedding

posted: 09/17/15
by: Mara Betsch

HOLY MATRIMONY!Reception interrupted! A local groom races to the rescue when a guest truly chokes up during the best man's toast. Fortunately, he's also an L.A. County firefighter. He walks us through every heroic step At 11p.m. on NBC4.

Posted by NBC LA on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kelly Campbell knew she was marrying a big-hearted man when she walked down the aisle over Labor Day weekend, but she didn't expect her firefighter fiance Cody to prove his lifesaving abilities...at their wedding reception.

The ceremony went off without a hitch, but during the speeches at the reception, a relative of Kelly's began choking on her dinner, and Cody's mother shouted "she's choking." Without wasting a second, Cody launched out of his chair to help. "You see it happen in movies and on TV, but in person, it's very frightening, especially at such a wonderful celebration," Kelly told Buzzfeed.

Putting his training to use, Cody gave the guest the Heimlich Maneuver and chest compressions until the piece of steak was dislodged from her throat. Other guests had called 911, but it was Cody who saved the day. Though no one wants a close call on their wedding day, Kelly claims "It was a true heroic moment for all of us to watch, and a special moment we'll remember forever from our wedding reception." Well done, Cody!