In the Middle of a Store, Two Strangers Meet and Bond Over “Taboo” Topic

posted: 04/11/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

Autumn's husband was hesitant for her to wear the shirt because he didn't think people would know what it meant.

But, one lady in an arts and crafts store did, and she posted about her encounter with the mother-to-be on Facebook.

When Courtney Mixon saw Autumn Safley in the shop, she was struck by the shirt she was wearing: a black scoop-neck with a rainbow heart over the stomach that read, "You're looking at a rainbow!" It alluded to the baby growing in Safley's stomach, which was one conceived after a miscarriage.

Turns out, Mixon had experienced a miscarriage, too.

"I told her my story and she told me hers," Mixon wrote. "We hugged and said we would keep each other in our prayers! Me for her baby's continuing good health and her for me to conceive."

During the encounter, Mixon told Safley she was "proud of her" for wearing it because miscarriages are "taboo" to talk about. According to the post, Safley made Mixon and her husband's day.

Nonetheless, each woman seemed to walk away from this encounter with something special: Safley with a blessing for her growing child and Mixon with hope for her future.

We have nothing but good wishes for both of these ladies.