In a Bold Email, One Mom Told School Her Daughter is Done With Homework

posted: 04/27/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi
This 10-year-old is done with doing homework: mother's orders.

After watching her daughter Maya become more and more stressed about her school work, one mother named Bunmi Laditan wrote the school to inform its faculty that her daughter is "finished" with homework. She took to Facebook to further explain the reasons behind this decision and even why homework can be detrimental to the health of a child.

"How does homework until 6:30, then dinner, then an hour to relax (or finish the homework) before bed make any sense at all?" Laditan wrote in the lengthy post that also included a photo of the email she sent to the school. "Is family time not important? Is time spent just being a child relaxing at home not important? Or should she become some kind of junior workaholic at 10 years old?"

Due to the copious amounts of homework she has, the young student who loves to learn has been experiencing chest pains, waking up early and starting to dread school, according to her mother.

Maya is in school from 8:15am to 4pm then comes home and does 2-3 hours of homework before eating dinner at 6:30pm. She then has an hour to "relax," which also might be finishing homework, before going to bed, according to Laditan. Homework is also done on Saturday.

"Children need downtime after school the same way adults need downtime after work," writes the mother. "They need to play with their siblings. They need to bond with their parents in a relaxed atmosphere, not one where everyone is stressed about fractions because - SURPRISE- I'm not a teacher."

Laditan will likely hear back from the school soon, and she doesn't know what will come next. If the school wants to punish her child for this, then Laditan will find a way to home school her. But, no matter what, her household will be "homework-free."

"I want her to be mentally and emotionally healthy," she wrote. "I want her to know that work is not life, it's part of life."