If You Can’t Dance, New Study Says You Can Blame Your Parents

posted: 09/19/17
by: Amanda Mushro
kids dancing on a bed


When a good song comes on and you can't help but bust a move, your sweet dance moves or your lack of dance moves may have nothing to do with the music but more to do with your DNA.

A new study finds that dancing ability is in your genes, and isn't something that can be taught. For the study, researchers examined 100 of the world's most successful professional dancers and looked at their common traits. From foot size to siblings, being a great dancer has a lot do with nature over great rhythm

For professional dancers, the study found it helps to have a parent that can dance because 18 perfect of the dancers that took part in the study had at least one parent who also had a career as a dancer. Researchers also found that only children were 69 percent more likely to be dancers.

The study found that dancers with feet two sizes smaller than the average person were better dancers. For men, the average foot size is a ten and for women, it size 6. Since I wear a 9, I guess I should hang up my dance shoes!

"The results give credence to the theory that dancers are born, rather than made - though the public survey would suggest that the majority of us still enjoy getting our dancing shoes on!" said Dr. Ellis, lead researcher of the study.

So while we may never be graceful dancers that perform fabulous dance routines for an audience, we can still show off our fancy footwork at home--when no one is watching.