“I Showed My Boobs to a Stranger:” Why New Moms Need to Go Bra Shopping

posted: 06/01/16
by: Jess Zaino

In a previous career, I worked with Clinton Kelly (you may know him from his TLC show "Love at First Swipe") who was adamant about women wearing the correct supportive undergarments. "The higher the girls, the closer to God", he would say. It was Clinton who introduced me to Intimacy in New York City, a lingerie salon that changed my life one weekend afternoon with an easy fitting and super chic collection of lacy European underthings in a size 32F. I walked taller. My back and posture exuded confidence. And I loved what I was wearing underneath my tees. So chic!

And then I had a baby. As with most women, pregnancy changed my body, including my breasts. Those voluptuous size 32Fs took a nosedive into nursing bra territory. Earlier on when I was breastfeeding, I sometimes couldn't even wear a bra. I was going commando more than not. Sports bras, old bras, even a bathing suit once, were my order of business when it came to my boobs.

Finally, now a year after giving birth, with a gorgeous 1-year old boy, and a nonexistent personal bra selection, I decided it was time to get a postpartum bra fitting. My husband gave me a gift certificate to Jeanette's in Los Angeles, where we now live (husbands, take note, because this is a great gift). Their store motto is "the alphabet starts at F' and I can definitely say I found the girls for my girls.

I brought my son with me. He was happily crawling on the floor, while I anxiously disrobed and allowed the shop girl to enter and fit my naked self. This is not an easy feat. I hardly allow myself to look at my naked body, let alone a stranger. But she is a professional and I'm unnecessarily self-conscious. We are beautiful no matter what shape or size, and that size is a 36G, thank you very much. And, thanks to this fitting, my girls are now covered and supported with the most gorgeous lacy bras this side of childbirth.

I encourage other new moms to treat yourself to a bra fitting. It's hard to take time to do something for yourself, but I can assure you that this short appointment will leave you feeling beautiful, confident, and, well, better supported. And what mom doesn't want that?

Jess Zaino is the star of our "New Mom Diaries" video series. Follow her adventures in motherhood to get a fresh, real take on what it means to raise a child.

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