How You Can Take An Amazing Passport Photo

posted: 02/22/16
by: Amanda Mushro

Forget about Blue Steel. The man giving the fiercest face is the one behind Purple Rain. Prince did something quite ordinary, and in Prince fashion, found a way to make it extraordinary. The 57-year-old musician recently took a new passport photo and when he tweeted the image, the internet lost its mind over his fabulousness.

While the rest of us can just hope to slay our passport photo like Prince, there are a few things we can do to take an amazing picture.

1. Think about what you wear
Since only your shirt will be seen in the picture, make sure it's a solid, bright color that compliments your skin tone. Stay away from white, black, grey, patterns and visible logos. Think jewel tones or reds or blue as color options. Choose a shirt that is a v-neck or scoop neck as these style are more flattering and can elongate your face and neck.

2. Posture, posture, posture
Take a tip from models on photoshoots and push your shoulders down and back to elongate your neck. Push your chin forward about an inch to create a picture perfect angle. You can even take a few selfies to see the difference this pose makes in your neck and chin.

3. Find the light
Check for shadow before you take the picture. Make sure there isn't a light shining down on top of you. This creates shadows on your face that aren't flattering. While you may not have complete control over this, moving the camera or yourself slightly can make a huge difference in removing shadows.

4. Add a little bit more makeup
The flash from the camera can wash out the look of your makeup. Don't be afraid to go a little heavier with your lip color, blush, and mascara that day.

5. Keep powder handy
Keep shine away by dabbing some loose powder on your nose and forehead right before you take your picture.

6. Do a last-minute hair check
Give your hair some quick volume by flipping your head upside down and using your fingers to tease your hair at the roots. This gives your hair a quick boost so it looks fuller, but be sure to smooth any fly-aways and detangle knots with your fingers.

7. Practice your smile
While you can't give a full on smile for your passport photo, practice a natural look with your eyes wide open. Practice with a few selfies at home!