How to Throw an Epic Graduation Party

posted: 05/24/16
by: Katie Morton
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    Make It a Party to Remember

    Graduation is a rite of passage that deserves celebration. Whether it's graduation from kindergarten or college (or anything in between), throwing a party is a great way to celebrate. Here are our tips for throwing a graduation party that's fun, creative, and memorable.

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    Memory Lane

    Surprise your guest of honor with this eye-catching stairway decor. Use colorful ribbons to thread photos ascending up the staircase for a stroll through the past, like this one from Beautiful by Design.

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    Kaleidoscope Buffett

    Since most graduation parties are casual events, and are often outside, you don't need to burden yourself with a complex menu. Finger food bars are an easy way for guests to mix and mingle while snacking. We like these healthy fruit and veggie appetizers.

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    Second Shift Snacks

    If the party goes late into the night, you'll want to have ready a second shift of munchies. This walking taco bar is simple, delicious and enjoyed by kids of all ages--from 5 to 50! The steps are simple: Grab a bag of chips, crush the chips, open the chips and add toppings, mix everything together and eat!

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    Graduation Cupcakes

    No party is complete without a sweet ending. For some sugary decor, use the cupcake table to spell out the graduation year, like this one from Blissfully Domestic.

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    Light Up the Night

    If the party is outdoors, fairy lights strung from trees are magical when the sun goes down from Fine Craft Guild. Throw in a few boxes of sparklers for even more oohs and ahhs.

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    Namesake Keepsake

    Instead of a guest book, have friends and family write messages on a large wooden letter (or even numbers with their graduation year, like this idea from Martha Stewart). This sentimental keepsake can transition right into bedroom or dorm decor.

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    Time Flies Photo

    While you're capturing memories, make a note to add this one to the list. Take a photo of the new grad holding a picture from the first day of kindergarten. This makes for a wonderful photo that parents will treasure.

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    Money Cake

    Everyone knows that late night pizza won't buy itself and that textbooks aren't cheap. A DIY money cake is a cool, useful gift that any high school grad is sure to appreciate.

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    Oh The Places You'll Go! Graduation Gift

    Everyone knows the Dr. Seuss classic book, "Oh the Places You'll Go!" This is a tearjerker gift from parents or family when it's been signed by all of your graduates' teachers from the past few years.

    Congrats to the graduating Class of 2016! Cheers to your accomplishments and your bright future--you've earned the right to party!