How to Start Meditating (Hint: It Doesn’t Involve Sitting in Silence)

posted: 06/05/18
by: Kristine Boyd

A recent trend in the last year has been meditation. Gurus and soccer moms alike have been swearing by this simple practice of silent breathing. Apparently, all the hype is backed up by some pretty amazing science that shows the myriad of benefits meditation can do for your mental and physical health. The problem is that many people can't sit still for 1 minute, let alone 15 minutes. While the act of meditation doesn't need to be a lengthy project, there are other ways to get started with your practice.

  1. Follow a Guided Meditation

There are plenty of apps and videos on the internet that offer free guided mediations. This type of meditation will have someone talking you through each step of the process. Guided practices can really help people to stay focused and stay accountable. Having someone take you through a meditative journey is a lot easier than trying to sit in silence for 20 minutes.


from zero to meditation ???? i get asked a lot, "where do I start?" when it comes to meditating. everybody's different, but i did some reflecting and below are some of the things that helped me gain a consistent meditation practice. meditation has not only helped me to be more present and observe more than react, but my favorite thing about it is it helps me connect with myself on a deep level. so here are my tools i used!?1. set an attainable goal, even it its just sitting for 10 minutes once a week. we have to start somewhere! setting a goal too regimented right away can throw us off the bandwagon and leave us feeling guilty. get real with yourself and your schedule. 2. choose a designated place in the house to sit. you don't need to live behind a waterfall or a Japanese garden to get zen. just a comfortable place to sit that is hopefully quiet and without so many distractions. a plant, candle, favorite photograph, or cushion can make it feel more cozy. 3. technology can help - using an app like @headspace and @calm is a great way to get the meditation process started. it sets reminders and you can track your process. having a daily check in was very helpful for me until I felt strong enough to meditate on my own. even @youtube has some for free! 4. try different types. there is guided, unguided, silent, music, ambient meditation. there are a hundred ways to do it, none are right or wrong! get feedback and try out a few to see what feels best for you: and remember that your style may change. 5. remember that it is the mind's nature to run through thoughts. dont get discouraged if you cannot settle the monkey mind. just noticing its thoughts is a huge achievement! the more you practice, the more you will notice the mind's subtle patterns. practice compassion with yourself and keep returning to the present moment no matter how many times you have to. happy happy saturday! #leefromamerica

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  1. Walking Mediation

Get your steps in while also practicing mediation! This practice could be as simple as walking out the door without your phone and focusing on your breath as you walk. We consume so much content on the internet, that you would be surprised what walking in nature without technology will do for your mental health. This is like a daily break for your brain while also helping you practice breathing and gratitude!



  1. Artistic Mediation

Many people start out with a simple form of artistic mediation. An example of this might be letting thoughts and ideas flow onto an empty canvas. Painting can be an extremely therapeutic form of meditation that allows you to clear your mind and engage in something creative. Another form of this might be sewing or drawing. Pick a creative outlet and utilize it as a way to focus on your breath and clear your mind.



  1. Written Meditation

Journaling is an amazing form of mediation that allows you to write out your thoughts on paper. You would be amazed what writing out your feelings can do for your mindset throughout the day. Try writing out affirmations, things you are grateful for.

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  1. Musical Mediation

Tune out for a few minutes every day and listen to music. Close your eyes and let all distractions fade away and simply focus on the song and your breath. Chose calming, meditative music that will help you to relax and calm your mind.



Stop making excuses for not meditating. Mediation is all about finding ways to get in touch with your mind, body and soul. It is about taking time for yourself every day and focusing on the present. All of the mediations listed above can easily be done by anyone as the beginning steps to their mediation practice.