How to Spring Clean Your Car

posted: 03/28/16
by: Amanda Mushro
woman cleaning car

If you're doing a little spring cleaning, your car might be on your to-do list. After a long season of winter weather, giving your car a deep clean, inside and out, is probably the last thing you want to do. But we promise that a shiny, clean car is worth the effort.

So how do you give your car a detailed look without a lot of elbow grease? You use these spring cleaning hacks for your car, or you share these hacks with someone and hope they clean your car for you.

1. Use old toothbrushes on your cup holders

These household items will get rid of all the gunk that gets stuck in your cup holders. Now that you've got them clean, help them stay that way by lining all the cup holders in your car with silicone muffin cups. The muffin cups are a perfect catch-all for spills and change. Just rinse the cups when they start to get dirty and they're ready to use again.

2. Line your floor with rag rugs

If the floor of your car is starting too look like a buffet of snacks, dirt and things you can't even identify, try this spring cleaning tip after you've vacuumed up the mess. Line the floor of your car with long rag rugs. You can find these at the Dollar Store. The ridges of the rag rugs help catch all the crumbs and falling debris and cut down on your vacuuming time. When you're ready to clean, just shake the rugs out, and toss them in the washing machine.

3. Dust your air vents

If your air conditioner vents have built up dust, a small sponge brush is the perfect way to get in between the slots of the vents and remove the dust. For really stubborn spots, try a can of compressed air.

4. Use a squeegee

If you've got dog hair embedded in your seats, grab a small bottle of water and a shower squeegee (this can also work in your home). Lightly spray the seats with water and use the squeegee to pull the hair out of your seats. You will be shocked how well this works.

5. Buff up your dashboard

If your dashboard is looking a little dull, put a small amount of olive oil on a coffee filter and buff away. The oil and filter combo is the perfect way to remove dust and shine up your car's interior. Be sure to keep the oil away from the steering wheel!

6. Give your windshield wipers an update

If winter was hard on your windshield wipers, wipe down the wipers with rubbing alcohol. This will prevent a smeared windshield and helps to remove excess dirt leftover from winter roads.

7. Take a dryer sheet to your bumper

Get stubborn bugs off your bumper by using a dryer sheet. A little buffing with a dryer sheet will remove the bugs and get your bumper shining again.