How to Protect Your Skin This Winter

posted: 11/18/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Hand care for dry skin, written HELP on a dry skin with cream

It's already started. The temperatures start to drop, I crank the heat up in my house, and my skin pays the price. Chapped lips, scaly legs, and dry and itchy hands- all signs that my skin and winter don't get along. If you're like me and your skin looks glowing and amazing during the summer, it probably only takes a few weeks of cold weather to make your skin look dry and dull. But this winter, stop the chapped winter skin before it happens with these simple tips.

Change Up Your Lotion- When the air gets cold outside, the moisturizer you've been using all summer will need swapped out for something stronger. Look for a moisturizer that is an ointment because these contain oils that will create a protective layer on your skin and will retain more moisture than a cream or lotion. Lather up as soon as you get out of the shower, and don't forget to keep a small bottle handy during the day when your hands feel dry. You can also use coconut oil on your skin if it is feeling particularly dry or itchy.

Conserve Water- While you may love your hot showers that you wish would last forever, when winter weather hits, skip the long, hot showers because they are very drying to your skin. Instead opt for lukewarm water to bathe and for your hair, use your favorite dry shampoo.

Run the Humidifier- Even if you only bring the humidifier if you have a cold and feeling miserable, it needs to be a winter staple in your home! Running a humidifier in your bedroom at night or installing a whole house humidifier to your furnace can help ease dry skin and chapped lips all winter. You can even purchase small humidifiers to keep near you during the day.

Drink Lots of Water- Summer isn't the only season you need to reach for extra glasses of waters. Keeping hydrated will keep your skin hydrated during the cold seasons too.

Protect Your Skin- When it is cold outside, don't fight the elements! Use your scarf, hat and gloves to keep you warm and to protect your skin. It might feel like you won't see the sun for several months, but it's still important to wear sunscreen. Make it easy on yourself and use a moisturizer and sunscreen combo during the day.

Lather Up Before Bed- Don't just dive into bed at night. Lather up your hands, feet, elbows, knees, and lips with Vaseline. Wear cotton pajamas, socks and thin gloves to keep the moisture locked in and your skin feeling soft.