How to Prepare for Preschool

posted: 08/08/16
by: Amanda Mushro

Starting preschool is a big step for your child and for you, too! So while you may need tissues for your tears on the first day--how did they get so big so fast?--here's what your child will need before they head off to preschool for lots of play and lots of learning.

Encourage Your Kids to Do Thing for Themselves- Often we find ourselves doing everything for our preschool aged children because it's faster for us to get them dressed and sometimes we don't realize how much they can do for themselves. However, now that your kiddo is preschool bound, it's time to not only encourage them but allow them to do things for themselves. From getting dressed, washing their hands, choosing what items go into their lunch box, to what activities they want to do, use those days before preschool to encourage and praise your child for being independently.

Potty Training Check In- Be sure to check with your preschool for potty training expectations before the first day of school. This way you can work with your child to make sure they meet those expectations.

Prepare for Separation Anxiety- Starting a new school can be scary for anyone, especially your preschooler. So now's the time to talk about what will happen during the day--you'll go to school and play with friends and then I'll come back to pick you up. It's also a great idea to read books that talk about the first day of school. Call the preschool and see if you can get a sneak peak of the school with your child to ease anxiety. Finally, if your child is used to being with just you or one caretaker, try to change up their routine before school starts by having playdates with other children where you leave them in another person's care. There still may be separation anxiety of the first few weeks, but as any preschool teacher tells you, it will get better and easier for everyone!

Practice the Basics- Your future preschooler will learn a lot this school year, but there are skills you can encourage before they start school. Start with the basics: knowing their full name, knowing their parent's names--not just Mommy or Daddy, their address, spend lots of time coloring and using a pencil, counting, and ABCs.