How to Nail the Fall Instagram

posted: 10/29/15
by: Mel Owens

Fall, the season of change, new beginnings and Fall Instagrams. As the leaves don their natural Instagram filters of vibrant reds and oranges how could you not want to capture #autumn via your phone? The competition is fierce for the double digit likes, as they are quickly becoming the reason for the season. Have no fear, as we are here to help you nail the perfect fall Instagram.

1. Wear Plaid. If fall was a country, plaid would be the flag. A plaid button-down paired with some jeans while strolling through the pumpkin patch on a nice autumn day, looking so careless and effortless makes a perfect Fall Instagram. Perhaps a day of apple picking amongst the beautiful fall trees with your loved ones -- which, note, is also a great opportunity for a Holiday card photo. (Look at this fall munchkin, already nailing the gram)

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2. Use all of the "Fall Emojis". I love using #allthefallemojis, while also including them in the caption. The official fall emojis (according to me) are: two brown leaves, single red leaf, apple, acrorn. (The jack-o-lantern and ghost are to be used only during the week of Halloween, and yes, I too wonder how there are 12 train emojis, yet not a plain pumpkin.) Now, some people will extend their fall emojis to include the coffee cup, red wine, green leaves, fire, I say OK...but just make sure the photo goes with the pic. For example, if I were to use the coffee emoji in conjunction with a fall gram, I'd make sure I was in an oversized sweater drinking a coffee and use the hashtag "#sweaterweather."

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3. Go Easy on The Hashtags.
Speaking of hashtags, don't overkill it, much like how I'm likely overkilling explaining an Instagram. The fact is, people are going to only spend 10 seconds looking at it (if I'm being generous). People don't want to decipher your #text #though #reading #all #of #your #hashtags. (See how annoying that was?). That being said, some of my favorite fall hashtags are: #seasonoflove, #fallinlove, #fallsohard, #autumn, #sweatherweather, #cuddleweather, #applepicking, #seasonsoflove, #allthingsfall. Just don't overdo it you can leave #air out, it's inferred. (What a lovely picture, but my goodness look at those hashtags)

4. Pumpkin it Up! It might be at a pumpkin patch, or a casual pumpkin in the background. It goes without saying that a pumpkin will obviously up your chance of achieving the dream of double-digit Instagram likes. (And clearly, puppies in any Instagram only add to the likes, especially if they are as adorable as Whiskey!)

Most of all, remember, it really doesn't matter, once people scroll past it they are likely not to spend their day talking about it, so who cares, have fun with it.