How to Minimize Toy Clutter

posted: 10/12/16
by: Amanda Mushro
kids playing in a toy filled playroom
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It doesn't take long to feel like your entire home has been overtaken by toys. Even if you carefully select which toys you are buying for your kids, all it takes is a birthday party, holiday, or a visit from grandma and your house looks like a toy explosion. So to save yourself from stepping on toys in every room, here's five ways to minimize the toy clutter.

Remove a bag a week- Rolling up your sleeves and tossing tons of toys can seem daunting and really time consuming. However, if you make an attempt to trash, recycle, or donate one bag a week, you won't spend an entire day getting rid of toys. In my house, I tend to get rid of more because I'm looking to fill the bag. It can be as large as a trash bag or as small as a grocery bag because each bag you fill is progress.

Suggest Consumable Toys- When friends and family ask what to buy your kids, give them ideas for quick and fun activities that can be tossed in the garbage or recycled when your kids are done playing. From art supplies, sidewalk chalk, or DIY kits, your kids will love their new gifts but you won't be left with more clutter. There are also great craft, science, and baking subscription kits that make fabulous gifts.

Designate Spaces for toys- Take a look at any preschool classroom and you'll see that every toy has a place and are grouped together. Dress up clothes in one section, blocks in another, and play food in yet another place. Take a look at the toys you're keeping and designate a space for each group. This makes clean up easier and it lets you see when it's time to purge. If the spaces are full and overflowing, it's time to clean out toys.

Rotate Toys- Rather than having all of their toys out all the time, grab large plastic bins with lids and put some of the toys away. Every four to five months, pull out the bin and rotate the toys. Even if the stored toys are old favorites, your kids will love seeing the toys again and you'll love that you have less toys out.

Invest in Furniture- For the toys that you are keeping, give them a place to go. Look for deep bookcases and toy boxes, large bins, and storage systems that you can customize and will grow your kids and the size of their toys.