How to Know When It’s Time to Toss Your Old Makeup

posted: 04/14/15
by: Stephanie Vuolo
How to Know When It's Time to Throw Out Makeup
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All good things -- including your favorite lipstick -- must come to an end.

I had a drawer filled with old makeup that I didn't have the time or the reason to bother wearing. As hard as it was from a financial standpoint, I had to throw it all away. That is because all beauty products not only have an expiration date, they also have a limited shelf life once opened. The products I tossed were all over two years old and way past the window when they should be put on my skin.

There are already bacteria inside of beauty products before you even use them. As the product is used, a whole new host of environmental bacteria is introduced into the cosmetic from the air, your hands, and your skin. The problem is further compounded when cosmetics are stored in a warm, moist environment (like the bathroom), which encourages the growth of not only germs but also yeast and mold. Over time, this bacteria can become dangerous to your health, causing rashes, breakouts, as well as skin and eye infections.

With this news in mind, I went out and bought a new products to restock my makeup bag. Each type of product has a different life expectancy. For example, mascara can be used for 3 months, foundation for 12 months, and lipstick for 18 months. I am going to keep track of when my beauty products are opened so I know when their shelf life has ended. I am using a handy customized label called Beauty Alert that you put directly on your makeup with the date you first use it.

I'm now more motivated to wear makeup on a daily basis because I want to use the products I've spent good money on. By keeping better track of the date they were opened, I know they won't be causing me more harm than good.