How to Keep Your Family On-Time, While on Vacation Time

posted: 11/30/17
by: TLCme

One of the best parts of any family vacation is being able to kiss your daily routine goodbye--no alarms, no calendar notifications, just pure relaxation. Going on a cruise is no exception and it's one of the best ways to really disconnect and enjoy time with your family. That said, with so many activities both on and off the ship, there has to be some way to manage your time to ensure you maximize the fun and relaxation. Our life hacks expert Amanda Mushro just returned from a Princess Cruises Alaska vacation and shared her tips on keeping everybody on time while you're on vacation time.

Room Service
Vacation means your kids can miss their bedtimes and if they want to sleep in the next day, they can go ahead and do it. That said, there are some days where they may have to get woken up a little earlier if they want to be able to do on an on-shore excursion. On these days, Amanda suggest ordering room service for breakfast. There's nothing like a wake-up call of fresh coffee (for the parents) and chocolate milk (for the kids). It gets everyone up, out of bed, fed, and ready for the day.

Know Your Ship's Schedule
Another tip to staying on time while you're in vacation mode is knowing your ship's schedule. With so many kid-friendly activities on board, it's very possible your family will separate at some point throughout the day. A good way to keep track of everyone is by knowing what activities are happening on board at any given time. Princess Cruises has a great web tool called "Princess@Sea" where you can see all of the activities listed out by time and can even send messages to your family through the ship's Wi-Fi--no cellular or data needed!

Choose an End-of-the-Day Activity
The last tip Amanda shared was to have the family agree on an activity at the end of the day as a meeting point. That way if everyone peeled off throughout the day, you know where to find everyone before dinner.


Hear more of Amanda's Hear more of Amanda's experience on her Princess Cruises vacation in the video below!

#LifeHacks: Living on Vacation Time

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Amanda shares her best tips on how to manage taking it slow, while experiencing everything you can on vacation!