How to Find Jean Shorts That Actually Fit

posted: 07/20/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Most of us know the struggle of heading to the mall to find those perfect jean shorts you saw in a magazine. However, you shop for hours only to find out that shorts are not one style fits all. Some are too short, unflattering, or simply uncomfortable. It can be extremely frustrating to find this summer fashion staple in a timely manner. We understand the struggle and are here to give you our best tips for picking out the perfect pair of shorts!

Ignore the size!

It can be so easy to get caught up in picking what you think is the right size. But, every store is different, and you may need to size up or down depending on where you shop. If you find a style you like, bring 3-4 different sizes into the fitting room! You will be surprised how much easier shopping is when you forget about the size on the tag!

Look for the right denim

Finding the right denim is key! Everyone has different preferences when it comes to fabric. However, there is one fairly universal opinion when it comes to denim: not too structured and not too stretchy. When your Demin is extremely thick and tough, it can feel uncomfortable and hard to move around in. On the other hand, stretchy denim can cling in unflattering ways and ride up constantly. Fining something in between is the best way to find your perfect pair!

Think legs before hips

It can be easy to find a good fit for your hips since you have a general understanding of your size. However, it gets tricky when you can't find something that fits your legs as good as your hips. We all know that issue of having hips fit and thighs not, or vice versa! The best way to avoid this, is fit your legs first! You can always use a belt to help if the waist is slightly too big. This goes back to not thinking so much about what size you usually buy and go based off what looks the most flattering for your body type!

Go longer than you think

Shorts look longer on the rack than they do on your body. You can easily pick out shorts that look like they will be a flattering length, only to find out they are more revealing than you want. If you are looking for shorts that are flattering, yet still conservative, try going for mid-length! This style usually gauges a good length for women of all heights!

Think before you look

When you are trying on your shorts in the dressing room, refrain from looking in the mirror for a minute. Put on the shorts and notice if they are comfortable or not. Think about what the shorts feel like on and whether or not you would want to wear them around town or running errands! Then you can look in the mirror and see if it's a flattering fit. But, always think about comfort first!

Shopping for shorts is not an easy task. It can take a long time to find a pair that actually works for you! By using these tips, you can cut your shopping time in half and greatly increase your satisfaction with this wardrobe staple! Check out these casual summer outfit ideas from real moms!