How to Decorate Your Tree Like a Pro

posted: 12/09/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Happy little kids in matching red and green striped pajamas decorate Christmas tree in beautiful living room with traditional fire place. Children opening presents on Xmas eve.

If you've ever admired the show stopping Christmas trees that are only display in store windows or featured on TV and wondered how you can make your tree look just as fabulous, you're in luck. We've got the secrets that decorating pros are using to dress those standout trees. From top to bottom, here's how to decorate your tree like a pro.

Start with the Lights- Before you add a single decorations, here's what you need to know about the lights

  • You'll need about 100 lights for every vertical foot. So for a 6 foot tree, you'll need about 600 lights. However depending what your tree looks like, when it comes to lights, the pros agree: more is more.
  • Start by adding the lights from the bottom of the tree and work your way up. Wrap the lights around each branch then move to the next. This technique gives your tree more depth and dimension than just draping them over the branches.
  • To really make your lights stand out, consider using two different sized lights. This simple step will really make your tree and ornaments pop.

Add some sparkle and shine with the ornaments, but don't just hang them anywhere

  • For a dramatic look, choose a consistent color pallet. Choose one or two colors to use on your entire tree and choose ornaments and accents that coordinate.
  • Wrap your garland around the tree before adding ornaments, but don't follow the same pattern as your lights. So wrap from top to bottom, around the perimeter, or down the tree. Go for large ribbon, pearls, or even tinsel to add extra flair.
  • Take all of your ornaments out of their boxes so you can survey what you have and then choose where to hang your ornaments.
  • Start with your biggest ornaments first. Hang them throughout the tree and then follow up with medium and smaller ornaments in between.
  • When looking for ornaments, choose a variety of sizes and shapes. Instead of just all round ornaments, try vertical and teardrop ornaments.
  • Hanging smaller ornaments deeper in the tree adds depth to your tree.
  • Move the lights so that they shine behind glass ornaments.

Admire Your Work

  • As you decorate, take a step back and check out the tree. Do you need to add more? Is there a part of the tree the needs less? Does the tree look balanced? It's important not to rush this part of the decorating.
  • Be sure to decorate the entire tree to keep the looking tree balanced. So don't forget the back!

Dress the trunk.

  • Change up the typical tree skirt with a faux fur blanket, colorful material, or even a fabulous tablecloth.

Top the tree

  • Your final step should be the tree topper that accents the theme of your tree. Once it's placed on your tree, it's time to enjoy all of your hard work!