How to Choose the Right Swim Goggles for Your Kids

posted: 06/27/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Happy kids swimming in goggles

In the summer, my kids spend most of their time splashing and swimming in the pool. All that pool time means we go through roughly a million pairs of goggles every summer. While I could find dozens of fun decorated goggles, some that were expensive and some that were not, I never found a pair that were comfortable, kept the water out, and could withstand hours of swimming--until I learned I was shopping for googles the wrong way.

For reluctant swimmers, leaky or uncomfortable goggles can slow down and halt the entire swim learning process. For kids that love to swim, ill-fitting goggles can put a damper on the fun and leave kids with marks on their face or headaches. So if you are tired of spending a small fortune on goggles that never do their job, here's how to choose the right pair for your kids.

  • Goggles are not one size fits all. So you may need to spend a little time trying on goggles just like you would try on a pair of shoes.
  • When looking for the perfect fit, look at all goggles. Some goggles are labeled specially for younger kids, older kids, men, or women. However, don't limit your search to what the label says. Try different sizes and styles goggles because child might find a better fit in the men or women goggles.
  • Here's how you try on goggles: Start by pressing the eye cups to your child's face but don't put the straps on. This will help you see if there is an air-tight fit with the goggles. Then have your kids look down. If the goggles stick to their face for a few seconds before falling off, they'll keep water out. If they fall off immediately, move on to another pair.
  • Swim goggles with double straps are less likely to slide down than those with single straps. So if your kids will be spending lots of time swimming, you may want to try on googles with two straps.
  • Check for comfort around their eyes and nose. If there is any pain or pinching, try on another pair.
  • Wear the googles for a few minutes before making your final decision. Yes, your kids will look silly walking around a store wearing googles, but you'll know for sure you are buying the right pair.
  • When you find the perfect pair of goggles, buy multiple pairs! Since goggles are so easy to lose, you'll always have the right pair on hand when you need them.