How to Celebrate National Lazy Mom Day and Not Feel Guilty About It

posted: 09/02/16
by: Amanda Mushro
lazy mom

Happy National Lazy Mom's Day! Since I'm a firm believer in celebrating holidays to the fullest, I plan on kicking back, putting my feet up, and hoping my kids don't destroy my house while I let them fend for themselves. I'm kidding...sorta. If you're looking to be a lazy mom today in honor of this fabulous holiday, but want to escape that dreaded Mommy Guilt, here's how to do it. And let's be honest, you totally deserve this day, Mamma!

  1. Zero Chores- Honest, all of those dirty dishes and that pile of laundry, they will be there tomorrow. But today, don't tackle a single chore. Not a single one.
  1. Binge Watch TV- Let's get our binge watching on! May I suggest a binge worthy session of my personal favorites Kate Plus Eight or The Long Island Medium? You can actually download the new app TLC Go and have hours of uninterrupted, binge worthy TV. Someone pass the popcorn!
  1. Dinner is Takeout- And while we're at it, make it delivery. No need to even go out and pick up that meal.
  1. Take a Nap- Remember naps? Yeah, me either, but rumor has it they are glorious and you feel like a new woman after a nap. So go ahead and treat yourself to a mid-day snooze.
  1. Read a book- That big stack of books on your nightstand that you've been planning on reading but just can't find the time to actually read--today is the day, lady! Today is the day!