How to Be a Full-Time Mom and Still Follow Your Dreams

posted: 05/24/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Being a mom is definitely a full-time job. Making sure the kids are fed, the house is clean, and meals are on the table leaves little time for moms to do things for themselves. Many mothers find their identities fading away because they feel like they are just a mother and a wife. You don't have to give up on your life goals and passions when you take on these extra responsibilities. There are ways for you to chase your dreams while still being a full-time mom!

Make the time!

A full-proof way to ensure you have time set aside to accomplish your goals is simply to make the time. Crystal Paine, of Money Saving Mom, lived out one of her dreams of writing a book. She would wake up every day from 12am-4am to write. This was her dedicated time to pursue her goal and live out her passion. It doesn't have to be this extreme but setting apart time for something you truly want to do is the best way to get it accomplished!


Utilize the internet

There are so many sites on the internet that can allow you to work from home. Whether it is blogging, photography or online craft stores, there is something for everyone. Find a site that resonates with you and get started! It could be as simple as starting a parenting blog to opening up an online store for your homemade ice-cream!

I used to be scared to death of live video and public speaking. I ran far, far away from anything that was remotely resembling either of those things. ... Today, on a live webinar with around 750 women, I shared how I had discovered that I really love live video -- and it's one thing I'm prioritizing in this season of life where I've said "no" to so much else. ... I never would have dreamed I would find doing live video presentations and Instagram stories fulfilling and energizing. I never would have dreamed that those would be things people would say are some of my strongest gifts. I never would have dreamed it would be something I would choose to do because I loved. ... But I do -- and it's only because I stepped out in faith and faced these fears head on month and month after month. Until it wasn't deathly terrifying. ... Sometimes, the thing you fear the most can turn out to be something that is one of your greatest strengths, of you get brave enough to put yourself out there, punch fear in the face, and do it scared time and time again!

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Include your children in the process

If you can't seem to find alone time to work on your goals, then include your children in the process. If one of your dreams is to create your own workout plan for moms, include workouts that don't require equipment and can be done outside with kids. If you are studying to get your real estate license, have your kids decorate your flashcards. It is the simple things that will allow you to make your dreams a reality!


Hire help

At the end of the day, it is okay to ask for help. If you want time to go to a painting class twice a week, hire a babysitter! Maybe you just want someone to watch your kids while you are in the next room decorating cakes. There is no shame in paying for a little extra time so that you can do something that you love!


2.5 years = how long it took me to see viable, sustainable income from blogging. . And do you know how many hours and days and weeks and months I invested to get to that point? . Well, most weeks I was working much more than full-time. In fact, I was often putting in 10-12 hour days: researching, trying new ideas, interacting on Yahoo! Groups with online entrepreneurs, starting new things, failing at things, learning from failure, trying again. . It's easy to look at someone and only see their success. But what you often don't see is that their success has only come from them standing on a pile of failures... . From them not giving up when their new blog idea didn't get any traction or visitors. (This happened to me multiple times.) . From them putting hours into a project only to have ONE person buy it (Yes, that happened to me, too!). . From them having people roll their eyes at their excitement over an idea, or worse, make fun of what you are trying to start or do. (Yes, this also happened.) . You guys, there is no such thing as overnight success. At least not the kind that will last. . So don't give up on your ideas and dreams -- even when it feels like all you are experiencing is setback and failure. Keep learning. Keep experimenting. Keep getting back up and trying again. . The end result might look very different from what you initially envisioned, but you'll never find out if you quit now. . @joel_grenade

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Have a partner

It can be so easy to skip these steps, stay busy and never take time for yourself. However, if you have a partner, or group of moms, who will help keep you accountable, you will be more likely to stay on track. You can create a club of women supporting each other to follow their dreams and goals while still being a full-time mom. This way you have no excuses and you will be able to be your true self!



It is no secret that becoming a mom changes your identity in an amazing way. But don't let this new title take away from all your dreams and passions. You can still be an amazing full-time mom while working towards other goals. It just takes a few simple steps to get there!

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