How This Mom of Twins Was Able to Get in Shape and Gain her Confidence Back

posted: 03/28/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Lifestyle blogger and mother of twins, Kendra Atkins, recently shared a video on her YouTube channel talking about how she got in shape after having twins. While she was prepared for the drastic changes she would see in her body, she wanted her confidence back. Before having twins, Kendra loved working out and seeing results in the gym. She would mostly do light weight lifting and hardly any cardio. It wasn't until having twins that her whole view on working out changed.

After Kendra spent her whole life hating running, she knew she had to start doing more cardio if she wanted to see changes in her body. At first, she admits, she had to force herself to go out and run. She would even have her husband go with her to keep her accountable. After a few weeks of doing this, Kendra started to actually crave running. She says that she never regrets a run and she notices when she goes a few days without it. With just a few months of consistency, Kendra was able to notice major differences in her body and overall mood.

A little fitness update for you guys! Who knew I would ever like to run? Okay don't get wrong, I'm not running super far or fast everyday. I go a little over two miles a few times a week and push the double stroller which isn't that easy. But running and daily yoga have put me back in shape so quickly. If your skin is still not as tight around your stomach try adding in more cardio because the second I did, everything changed! Now I wish I would have started sooner! ???????? And I don't just do it to get in shape, yoga is crucial for me every morning. I get up at 5:40 so I have about an hour to myself before the girls wake up. That hour gets me off to a peaceful start, rather than being woken up to two crying babies. And running is a great way to get out of the house with the girls, get 30 minutes of quiet time and clear my head. (and no I don't work out with makeup, I just got done filming!) #twinmom#workoutmotivation#gettingbackinshape

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Now, Kendra runs a 2 mile loop a few times a week while pushing her two girls in the stroller. This allows for an uninterrupted 30 minutes added to Kendra's day. This is a time she spends listening to books, podcasts and her favorite music. She says that her daughters love it too because they get to be outside and see the world. Not to mention, pushing the stroller is a great arm workout!

Earning our breakfast with a run. ?

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Kendra also likes doing 20 minutes of yoga every morning. She wakes up before everyone else in the house and does a yoga workout from YouTube. While Kendra was excited to see changes in her body, she was even more glad to see changes in her mental state. This has made a huge difference in her overall mood and stress levels throughout the day. Having newborn twins can be a stressful, sometimes draining, experience. But this time Kendra has set aside for herself has allowed her to be the best mom she can be!