How Pageant Coach Advice Can Improve Your Daily Life

posted: 11/04/15
by: Courtney Reimer
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If you ask many people what the most attractive trait in a prospective employee, partner or mentor, confidence will rank highly -- if not highest. Just ask Bill Alverson, who has helped many a pageant contestant go on to be crowned Miss America. Now the star of TLC's new show, "Coach Charming," Bill has great advice that can apply to the daily life of the non-pageant contingent as well.

Here are some of our favorite confidence-boosting Bill-isms, as well as a video you should memorize and share with anyone who may have a job interview, first date or could just use a little self-esteem boost.

1. You are who you are -- if someone doesn't like that, screw 'em. Just be you. Bill knows that the best path to success is to follow your passion and own it with confidence and poise.

2. If you're living a fake life, you're not living a full life. This might seem surprising from a pageant coach, but Bill strongly advocates highlighting a person's innate attractiveness, not fabricating it out of thin air.

3. If you make them think "My age is not an issue," then we're rolling. He said this to a teen hoping to "graduate" to the more adult pageants, but it is wisdom people everywhere, at every age should take in.

4. The biggest thing I learned: Sell it. Bill himself was subject to bullying due to his nontraditional interests in high school. But as soon as he changed the story and made it a strength, he was on his way to glory.

5. When you have someone who can take coaching, they can go anywhere in life. Put another way: don't be afraid to seek -- and follow -- the advice of others. Learning is what makes us stronger.

Enjoy more of Bill's wit and wisdom below -- and be sure to tune into his show "Coach Charming" on TLC Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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