How One Creative Mom Used Social Media to Reunite a Child with their Special ‘Lovey’

posted: 10/09/17
by: Amanda Mushro

There are a few ways to send any parent into full-on panic mode: when your child suddenly stops sleeping though the night, you get the infamous lice letter from school, and when your child's "lovey" goes missing. For any parent whose child had a special attachment to a stuffed animal, blanket, or favorite toy--you know that means taking that special item everywhere and what would happen if it ends up lost. So that's why so many of us love this story of a reunited lovey thanks to social media.

When Katie Hoeppner was at a rest stop in Iowa, she came across a child's stuffed animal that clearly had been loved and lost. Being a mom herself, she knew the importance of a beloved lovey and was determined to get the toy back to its rightful owner. So she turned to social media for help.

She posted a few pictures of the stuffed animal on Facebook with this plea: "I know this is a long shot, but please share this- I stopped at a rest stop on Iowa Interstate 80 Eastbound and found this little guy in the bathroom wondering where his family went."

She even named the toy dog George and documented his travels with her. "George was my co-pilot home, wore his seat belt without a fuss, picked the music on the radio, and ran some errands with my family. I'm adding pictures to show George's endeavors and captions to go along with it," she wrote in the heartwarming post. Katie continued updating the post with pictures of George choosing the music in the car and even of Katie's daughter introducing her stuffed animals to George.

Katie's post instantly went viral--probably because every mother can relate to this scenario--and the quickly post gained over 54 thousand shares.

Through the power of social media and some creative thinking of Katie's part--George's rightful owner was located and he was mailed back home! Turns out, George is actually named "Pup-Pup" and is now back in the hands of his owner, a little boy that lives in Iowa.

We love happy endings and we love this mom for her quick thinking and kind heart.