How One Community Came Together to Give a Dying Pup One Last Chance to Play in the Snow

posted: 09/27/16
by: Blythe Copeland

When Ashley Niels found out last week that her 12-year-old dog, Spunky, had an inoperable, fatal type of cancer, she found herself racing the clock to give him one last chance for his favorite activity -- playing in the snow. But since Niels and her pup live in Austin, Texas, a snowstorm seemed impossible to come by, until a group of her friends and coworkers at the Austin Animal Shelter stepped up. The group rented a snow machine that offered Spunky the opportunity to play in a mini-blizzard; not exactly the same as the storms Spunky loved when the pair lived in Wisconsin, but close enough.

"To be honest, I think Spunky mostly sat there in the blowing 'snow' to humor me and make me happy," Niels told The Dodo. "But the real beauty behind the whole thing was how this entire village enveloped us in love, and pulled all of this together in hours so that I could give my boy a last wish, if you will. I can't tell you how touched I was."

After the vet had to reschedule the final appointment that Niels had set up for Spunky, she decided to give her pooch a little more time. "I've been doing everything I can," she says, "to spoil him and give him all the love and affection he can stand."

Via Good Housekeeping