How Old Do You Look? A New Site Will Tell You

posted: 05/01/15
by: Mara Betsch

You may see crow's feet and a few stray grey hairs in the mirror, but what does the public really see? For those of you with solid self-esteem, you can upload a picture of yourself and let a site tell you just how old you really look. Testing out Microsoft's face detection API (application programming interface), the site does its best to predict your age. Though Microsoft hasn't released how it estimates your years, some blogs are guessing which factors (skin, eyes, jawline) the site is taking into account. I can say from personal experience that my age varies pretty wildly based on the photo I upload. I'm 30, but, depending on the photo, I've gotten anywhere from 25 to 39.

Feeling brave? Try the How Old Do I Look? page out now. As you can see, TLC's editor-in-chief (and mom of 2) decided to try her luck and was pretty pleased with the results.